Imam Zakaria




Imam (Muhammad Zakaria Syed) is a devoted and dedicated practicing Sufi and an Islamic scholar who believes in intra sects and interfaith harmony. He has spiritual legacy back to Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (March 23, 1078/470 AH-February 21, 116 6), the founder of Qadria discipline of spirituality. His father Syed Javed Hussain Shah is an accomplished and enlightened master of spirituality as well as Islamic Jurisprudence. He has several shrines of his sufi ancestors in India.


  • Worldwide spiritual grooming of followers to attain eternal peace through spirituality.
  • President: Ulama Council for Interfaith Dialogue Pakistan (UCID)
  • Director: Jamia Ubaidia (Seminary and Monastery) where around2000 male and female students are receiving religious and general education.
  • Supervisor of more than 200 seminaries nationwide.
  • President: Jamiat ul Ulema Islam Pakistan district Faisalabad
  • President: Pakistan Democratic Movement district Faisalabad
  • Ex-Member: Peace Committee District Police Faisalabad
  • Ex-Member: Commission for Interfaith Dialogue Catholic Church Faisalabad
  • Ex-Member: North Brisbane Interfaith Group Australia
  • Ex-Member: Griffith University Queensland Australia
  • Ex-Member: Multi-faith Action & Advisory Group (MAAG) Gold CoastAustralia


  • There has been promotion of interfaith harmony especiallybetween Muslims and
    Christians through interfaith dialogue,seminars, celebration of religious festivals, sports and interactionof the students of Muslim and Christian seminarians.
  • Received national and international awards, shields and letters ofappreciation for the promotion of peace and harmony in themultireligious and multicultural society of Pakistan.



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